Contract Runs

Are you looking for a regular collection or delivery service from specific locations on certain days and times? Then our Contract Runs are exactly what you need.

What Do We Provide?

At Jump Up Logistics, we’re here to make running the delivery side of your business as easy as possible and we do so by providing you with an all inclusive service. Our contract run services provide you with drivers, vehicles and all the equipment you could ever need, from trolleys to straps and more.

Our services are completely transparent, providing you with a supervisor at all times to keep you informed at any time, night or day. We want our customer service to match the efficiency and high standards that we’ve become known for and that’s exactly what you’ll get.

With our contract run services you even gain access to back up drivers and vehicles, allowing you to run a complete service without the worry of parking tickets, fines or even the cost and paperwork involved with using your own vehicle. 

We’re here to help you ensure your business runs like clockwork, regardless of what happens from one day to the next. Have a surge in customer activity? We can provide more drivers and vehicles to cope, from vans to arctic trailers. Here at Jump Up Logistics, we have you covered.

What Can We Save You?

Cover for absence

Emergency drivers on demand

We handle drivers NI contribution & income tax

We handle drivers holiday & sick pay

Vehicle Costs

Fines / Damages

Money on recruitment

Driver Management

Who Do We Work With?

Work with the biggest drink and food distribution suppliers in the UK. Bakeries, chilled food, alcohol suppliers.

We work with construction suppliers, flower companies, and textiles on a daily basis.

Get In Touch

One of our representatives will be in touch within 30 minutes during office hours or as soon as possible outside office hours with your quote.


    Do you see a future for yourself in the courier business? Are you a skilled and professional driver? Do you have a calm and collected manner to handle a customer facing role, on the road? Then contact us today for more information about our current driver vacancies.

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