Welcome to Jump Up Logistics, one of the UK’s leading providers of chilled and frozen transportation. With a large fleet of refrigerated vehicles, we’re here to provide refrigerated transport for any size load.

Our Services

Food Courier

We offer a professional food courier service, whether you’re looking for small localised deliveries or larger, international deliveries. We have a huge fleet of vehicles ranging in size as well as temperature control. From 3.5T vans to articulated lorries, we can provide you with the necessary vehicles to offer food courier services anywhere in the UK and beyond. 

We’ve worked with a multitude of major food and drink distributors, offering them a reliable and consistent service throughout and what’s more, we can offer you just the same excellent quality service too. Do not hesitate to contact us today to see how we could carry out your food courier needs with ease.

Same Day Transport

We understand only too well the importance of timely deliveries when it comes to food and drinks. Which is why we offer a same day transport service for all food and drink deliveries. We are fast, reliable and efficient.

We know that inevitably, from time to time, problems will occur which is why we also offer a series of backup vehicles to stand in should you suffer vehicle breakdown or staff sickness. You can rest assured that all of our drivers are trained in taking temperature readings and checking goods in transit to ensure quality is kept throughout.

Contract Distribution

We’re a market leader in food and drink distribution with a fleet of refrigerated vehicles guaranteed to keep your goods safe and in excellent condition throughout delivery. We work with various major food and drink distributors providing contract distribution in state of the art vehicles and at cost-effective rates. Each member of our team is trained to ensure your goods remain in a safe environment and arrive in the condition in which they were given to us. With Jump Up Logistics, you can trust us to ensure your food and drink goods are delivered on time, every time to wherever you need thanks to our national distribution services.

PR and Events Logistics

At Jump Up Logistics, we provide distribution along with refrigerated services for events and marketing activities up and down the country. We’ll provide a fast and reliable service, ensuring your products are collected and delivered to where you need them, when you need. We have a fleet of vehicles, all with various temperature controls to ensure your perishables are kept in the best environment possible during transit and what’s more, our staff are trained to check temperatures as well as the quality of produce during transit. If you’d like help with marketing and events logistics, then Jump Up Logistics are here to help.


Do you see a future for yourself in the courier business? Are you a skilled and professional driver? Do you have a calm and collected manner to handle a customer facing role, on the road? Then contact us today for more information about our current driver vacancies.




We go the extra mile!

Drivers unload and hand ball directly to the fridges if required

We deliver trailer loads on a daily basis. Our drivers load their own trailers if required.


One of our representatives will be in touch within 30 minutes during office hours
or as soon as possible outside office hours with your quote.